• Saving Senior Dogs!

    Looking into an older dog’s eyes is a hard thing to do, it’s like you can see their soul and yet SHE does it every day.  She sits in a tiny office surrounded by senior dogs.  She ushers me in the office and I sit with dogs at my feet and she tells me her story….. I listen and my heart grows and pounds so loud I hear it in my ears.  I am overwhelmed with how she took a dream and made it happen.  I am humbled when the tears well up in her eyes and I am grateful for this opportunity!

    Jennifer Hummel is an inspiration to everyone that meets her and here is just a little peek into what she did, what she does and continues to do on a daily basis at:  VINTAGE PAWS: A SANCTUARY FOR SENIOR DOGS!

  • 2019 Fashion Trends

    2019 Fashion Trends?  We agree with some and not with others. I mean come on, plastic see through coats and see through bottoms? You may agree with us or disagree but that's what fashion is all about.  I say you do you and be true to you.  If you do that YOU will never go wrong!!!  Check out how Toast and Tassel feels about the new fashion trends.  
  • Who are you? I mean: Who We Are!

    I think you will agree with me that this is a crazy world we live in.  I mean who would have thought that after 30 years of marriage, with more tha...
  • Fanny Packs are cool now!

      When you watch Stranger Things and realize that you would wear about 89% of the clothes they wear on the show, it is safe to admit that the 80’s ...
  • Back from the Past

    Styles cycle back around whether you like it or not.  I remember thinking I would never again where shoulder pads and looking back on pictures, boy...