2019 Fashion Trends

A new year brings about new fashion trends!  Cosmopolitan Magazine has created a list just for us on the new fashion trends for 2019 so now YOU can be the trend setter in your group...............or maybe not!  Let's take a little like at what is coming in 2019!

Tie-Die:  Absolutely NOT unless, of course, you are 12 years old and they are tie-dying tee shirts at a birthday party!  

Bike Shorts: Nooooooooo!  Bike shorts belong on people who take biking to the next level and even then- ick.  NO one needs to see all those bumps, crumps and crevasses and bike shorts show it ALL.  

One Cold Shoulder:  OK, now there is something I can get behind!  The off the shoulder tops are fantastic so just one makes it a little unique!  It the sleeve is a bit long, then it even covers the arm "waddle" and that’s totally awesome!

See Through Plastic Coat:  WHAT?  I thought we were getting away from plastic to more organic stuff so why are we wearing plastic?  Is this kind of like those plastic jelly shoes from the 80's?  Well, I guess you can if you want but.... I'm out.  

Mixed Prints:  Yes, please and Toast and Tassel has already jumped on this band wagon with the Darcy top!!  Check out the feature image.  I think we'll stick with this one.  

RED:  I like red and I could do red everything.  Let's go for it.  I consider red a neutral color that goes with anything so on the red trend, we are in.  

Neon:  Well, neon.............uuuuummmmmm, aaaahhhhhh, hummmm.  I guess it's how you wear it.  Maybe a piece here and there but a whole outfit?  Don't be surprised if someone asks you which construction company you work for. 

Safari Jacket:  Finally, something sensible.  An updated safari jacket can dress up a pair of jeans, dress or a skirt.  It gives body styles the structure they may need.  You can also wear them if you are short or tall.  Count TNT in!

Tonal Dressing:  What the hay hay is that?  So here is the best way to describe it.  It is kind of the same colors in different hues.  I like it and I think we will give it a try!  

Colorful Fringe:  Pleaaaassseee!  I thought this was already in but what do I know.  I say yes to fringe because fringe says you are FUN!  

Capes: Seriously?  Capes are for Bat Girl or Super Girl but every day?  OK, maybe if you live someplace cold, a nice warm cape- I'll give you that, but what they are showing on the runway looks more like two long wings than a cape.  The cape jacket is kind of cool, but I say that will not last long.  Save your money!

Crochet:  I like it but maybe that's because it reminds me of my Grandma's crocheted afghan and I get all warm and wonderful inside just thinking about it.  I like it for swim covers, maybe a long jacket and definitely as any accent piece.  I say if you are going to try something this year THIS ONE IS IT!  Go for it and have fun with it.  

Pink and Red:  Of course, don't be silly-they look great together, they always have.  

Bermuda Shorts:  I just threw up in my mouth!  NO ONE looks good in Bermuda shorts, clam diggers yes, but Bermuda shorts?  NOOOOOOOO

Checks:  Put everything in checks!  It worked in the 80's and it will work today.  Checks are class acts!  Now I wish I had kept my check pieces because boy did I rock them!

Feather Details:  Always BUT let's make sure they are not from real birds.  No one needs to go killing anything for a few feathers, there are nice faux feathers around so please use them.  

Sheer Bottoms: God No, never, are you for real?  Someone has lost their mind!

Leopard Spots:  I suppose.  If you like it wear it.  I personally just nabbed a pair of leopard Jimmy Choo's so there you go.  

Zebra Print:  I feel the same about this as I do with the leopard.  Just make sure that if you are wearing those stripes they don't make you larger than you are. 

Pattern Suits:  Totally on board with this new fashion trend.  I think if men can do it, so can we.  Go for a nice soft pattern or big and bold.  It's another year of the woman so go for it and wear it proud!!

There you have it.  We agree with some and not with others.  You may agree with us or disagree but that's what fashion is all about.  I say you do you and be true to you.  If you do that YOU will never go wrong!!!