Back from the Past

Styles cycle back around whether you like it or not.  I remember thinking I would never again where shoulder pads and looking back on pictures, boy did they help make me look super skinny!  I must admit, a fanny pack, what’s up with that and yet when I see them today I think, “Wow, how cute is that?”  I must chuckle a little because with all these fashions coming back there also comes a great deal of warm and fuzzy feelings. 

What was the deal in the 80’s?  I think it was all about self-expression, being yourself!  That is no more important than it is today!  We continually hear about accepting others for who they are.  There is no better way than to do that through fashion.  Our vintage collection focuses on the 80’s.  Oh, how I wish it was big hair coming back, it would make my life so much easier living in Florida with all this humidity!  Thank goodness ripped jeans and Ray Bans never left making me always a little cool. 

I must admit that I love seeing young girls in those 80’s girly dresses (we called them prairie dresses back in the day) and mixing it up with some of those grunge 90’s looks.  I wish I could pull that off but at a certain age you got to say- oh come on!!!  You must check out our vintage collection to see that cute little dress and how we styled it with items I know you have in your closet.  Check it out.

However, the most exciting comeback from the 80’s for me, besides Tom Cruise, are the shoulder pads.  OMG, I loved the boxy jacket with the large shoulder pads (check out the video below).  Seriously, put on a jacket with shoulder pads and watch your waist INSTANTLY GET SMALLER!!   What woman at any age doesn’t love that!!!  I am in!!  Bring on the shoulders and watch me loose 10 pounds.  I dare you to try it!

Enjoy shopping in our Vintage Collection, we are right with the trends! 

Just watch the video below:)