Momma Bear Ready #BLM #BlackLivesMatter

Toast and Tassel stands with the black community!  We will stand and be vocal for change in this great country.  But why?  How?  Let me break it down for you.....

It confuses me when white people don't understand white privilege.  I have no idea why I might understand it.  I'd say it was the way I was raised..... but it wasn't.  Maybe it was because I started in Early Childhood Education............ok, maybe.  Never the less, I try my best to get it and that's a start.  

I have children, maybe you do too.  Maybe you are young and fancy free and don't, that's ok- you have someone who loves you like a mama (if not we will).  Anyone who knows me, knows you DO NOT mess with my boys.  My job is to advocate for them (if I don't- who will).  You do it when they are a baby and you do that when they are in school and you do it when they are grown.  Well, I do and I'll do it big time if I have to.  

One of my boys has high functioning Autism and was being picked on in high school  Oh you bet, I went to school and ate in that cafeteria (in the back) and dared one person to pick on him.  You bet I was on that administration.... oh man....

Once one of my boys went to the state capital to do a peaceful protest (he gets that from me) and I thought just let them grab him, tear gas him.... I will unleash Momma Bear like she has never been released before. LOL

Oh and there was the time one of them was in Romania and Russia started moving into Ukraine..... I was like, "Putin, go ahead and move toward Romania while my kid is there and I will take you out myself."  LOL  yep, me and the Russian military.  Welcome to the Momma Bear world.  

NOW, I'm putting myself in a friends shoes.  She is black, she has two boys also.  While there have been a few times I have almost had to unleash the Momma Bear, she is at a ready state EVERY DAY!!  Each time those boys walk out their front door, she is ready!  She never knows when people will confront them, when they don't ask for it, when they will be stopped for no reason, when they will be questioned and then when someone doesn't like the answer.........  

Can you imagine being at Momma Bear ready every day?  No I cannot!  My anxiety would be off the chart, my nerves would be a mess.  I could not do it and yet she does it each day with love in her heart and peace on her mind.  She is one amazing woman. Recently her older son went for a run and her Facebook post was a picture of his back while running with words, "He is just out for a run, please don't shoot him."  CAN YOU IMAGINE?  I would never have to ask that for either of my sons, ever!

And then I think of that little black boy and the little black girl, who is watching.... watching his people being beaten and killed. I think about him and her and wonder what America has for them, how America can change for them, how we can do better by them.  They deserve the same America that my boys have and I know that they can IF we unite and demand it...............TOGETHER.  

Let all of us stand ready as MOMMA BEARS for ALL black children.  Let all of us stand with black mother's ready to enact our MAMMA BEAR mode when ANY child is in danger.  George Floyd was someone's child.  His momma is now without her son.  If that were me...............the nation would NEVER be the same because I would NEVER be the same.  I would do whatever it took to see that the people that murdered my boy never saw the light of day again and I would not stop until change was made.  I could never imagine being without my son and well, she shouldn't of had to either-not in that way!!!!!!!!!!!  

So, Toast and Tassel will stand in Momma Bear ready stance!  We will do what we can!  We will not be silent!  And we will do what we love to do:  a charity fundraiser...... for Black Girls Code Charity.  If you purchase any items from our #BLM Charity Collections we will donate all proceeds to Black Girls Code:

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