Play Dress Up

Remember when we played dress up as little girls.  Remember the smile it put on our faces?  Well, it may be time to try it again.  Is there anything wrong with putting on a nice outfit and having a "tea party" with our FaceTime Friends?  Absolutely not, and there is nothing wrong with dressing for dinner, they did it in Downton Abby and we can do it now!  You know the one thing I love?  When I "clean up" my favorite thing to do is to put on perfume.  Is anyone else going to smell it?  Perhaps my husband and my dogs, but that's it.  BUT that is not the point.  It makes ME feel good.  I like it and so I'm going to do it!  What is that thing you love to do?  Whatever it is, it's easy to talk yourself out of it, DON'T!  Put on that lip gloss, that cute top, a pretty dress, makeup, some nail polish......  You go girl!!!  

There is no doubt that this is a scary time no matter where you are.  Covid is nothing to joke about and has shook us into a reality we may not like!  Most of us are at home.  Most of us have joked about how we would like to have a day or a week to do nothing but be home and watch TV or read a book.  We have said how we would love to have time to complete our "projects".  Now we have it and well, it's a bit more than a week.  We must find those things that lift us up, make us smile and keep us going.  

Toast and Tassel Boutique is here for you and we will always be.  If you need someone to talk to, we are here for you:

Need comfy clothes..........we got that too.  These are some of the softest outfits we have!  LOVE them and so will you.  Don't feel like you have $$ to spend. We are giving you 40% off using code:  STAYSAFE 

It might get tough girls, so support each other.  We love you and we've got you!  Check out our Staying Home section for some cute Stay Home items on a budget.  We also have handmade masks that include a filter just in time as the CDC is about to recommend we all wear them as we move about town.  And remember, you can email us whenever you like to just chat!  

Stay safe gal pals and as always be kind to your girl friends and stay "toasty".

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