Saving Senior Dogs!

Jack and Beary make my life full daily.  They make me smile, laugh and sometimes tear up because they are so very very sweet!  I can’t imagine a life without them…… but then there was once Lassie, PJ, Nikie, Sadie, Voshy Girl, Tito and now………….Jack and Beary!  Each one special and each one were a part of my life, that well….helped make me who I am today.  Pets tend to do that, if you are open to it, but the pain of loosing them is no more less than any part of the family.  It’s hard to watch them grow old, their bodies change and while they cannot talk, you know exactly what they feel, when they feel it.  Just look in their eyes…… 

Jack and Beary

Looking into an older dog’s eyes is a hard thing to do, it’s like you can see their soul and yet SHE does it every day.  She sits in a tiny office surrounded by senior dogs.  She ushers me in the office and I sit with dogs at my feet and she tells me her story….. I listen and my heart grows and pounds so loud I hear it in my ears.  I am overwhelmed with how she took a dream and made it happen.  I am humbled when the tears well up in her eyes and I am grateful for this opportunity!

Jennifer Hummel

Jennifer Hummel is an inspiration to everyone that meets her and here is just a little peek into what she did, what she does and continues to do on a daily basis at:  VINTAGE PAWS: A SANCTUARY FOR SENIOR DOGS!

Vintage Paws Sanctuary for Senior Dogs

There are hundreds if not thousands of older dogs, labeled senior dogs, that often get left behind for many reasons.  Jennifer says that sometimes people just don’t know what to do.  Often when a dog gets older people do not have the $ to care for their senior pet.  With just a bit of care such as a dental, medicine or a bit of understanding the dog has several years left.  These dogs usually don’t bark half as much as a puppy, you don’t have to worry about them chewing on your favorite shoes or exercise them as much as a youngster.  They are happy to sit on your lap and be your loving companion as the volunteers at Vintage Paws demonstrated on my tour.    

Senior Dogs

So why are these dogs there?  Sometimes the owner must go into an assisted living facility, hospital or they pass away and can no  longer care for their beloved pet.  The family doesn’t want to care for the dog or know what to do with it.  Vintage Paws in there to help!  They can land in a shelter too.  In Sarasota, the animal shelter will give Jennifer a call and Jennifer will go and pick up the dog. (So grateful to Sarasota Animal Shelter)!!

saving senior dogs

BUT there are dogs there for other reasons, such as:  they don’t want them to pee on their new floor (um yea, that is for real), they can’t afford to care for them, they are dumped outside of cities and they can be found in an abandoned apartment or home.  While it is perfectly fine for an owner to be homeless and have a pet, if the pet begins to need special care then they are often surrendered.  Then there are times people move from the country and leave the dog behind. 

Vintage Paws Sanctuary

If they have landed at Vintage Paws then they are one lucky dog.  Although, Jennifer will make it clear that SHE is the lucky one!  Vintage Paws can take in up to 60 dogs, currently they have 50. Some dogs reside at Ace Pet Resort.  The “live in” members are never kenneled, they have free range.  Some like to hang with the staff as they work their daily chores or cuddle with Jennifer in her office.  The staff (some volunteers) make sure they all get their daily doses of medication, LOVE and potty breaks. 

Vintage Paws gives medication

 Not all dogs live at Vintage Paws.  Most dogs go into foster care.  In foster care, Vintage Paws pays for all of the dogs medical needs and the foster parents give the medication, the love and potty breaks.  The Foster Parents make the last years of the pets life a wonderful loving experience.  Wouldn’t we all like to live our last years being petted, fed and loved unconditionally.


senior dog

All dogs that come to Vintage Paws go through a medical evaluation.  That medical evaluation is an average of $500 especially if the senior dog has been neglected.  Sometimes a treatment can run $300- $400 depending on the need.  Vintage Paws needs to raise approx. $200,000 a year to care for the seniors.  IF one of the seniors gets lucky enough to be adopted the adoption fee is only $125.  Vintage Paws re-microchips all dogs so that if the dogs, well, get “misplaced”, they will always end up back at Vintage Paws.  They will always take a dog back, no questions asked! 

Toast and Tassel Boutique

SOOOOO………..I’m sure you can see why Vintage Paws is Toast and Tassel Boutique’s new nonprofit organization!  Our charity item has become charity items (see below)!  Our goal is to sell 35 items and break our last goal of $550.  Our charity items will run from May 1- June 30.  Please share our story with your family and friends…. spread the word and share the work!

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When I asked Jennifer what she wanted you to know she said that dogs are not disposable.  To please send the right message to family and friends and plan for your senior pet! 

My Jack promised he would never get old and yet I know it is a promise he cannot keep!  The thought of living without him frightens me.  He came to me at a time in my life when I needed him and he and I have not parted since.  I wonder if Jack worries about being without me?  Does he worry when I leave the house or take a trip?  At least now I can worry a little less, we have Jennifer and Vintage Paws.  Please find it in your heart to help. 

 ****All products are Jack and Beary approved!!!!!