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2019 Fashion Trends

2019 Fashion Trends?  We agree with some and not with others. I mean come on, plastic see through coats and see through bottoms? You may agree with us or disagree but that's what fashion is all about.  I say you do you and be true to you.  If you do that YOU will never go wrong!!!  Check out how Toast and Tassel feels about the new fashion trends.  

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Fanny Packs are cool now!

  When you watch Stranger Things and realize that you would wear about 89% of the clothes they wear on the show, it is safe to admit that the 80’s ARE BACK! Which means, fanny packs have been making a come back too, and we are super excited because let’s face it, your dad was right, they are super convenient.   Dad approves! Don’t panic though, you don’t have to look like your dad on a road trip in order to wear one of these babies. Major designers have jumped on the train and have created their own version of the fanny pack and they’re calling it a belt bag. Only last year Kendal Jenner rocked a Channel fan…I mean,...

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Back from the Past

Styles cycle back around whether you like it or not.  I remember thinking I would never again where shoulder pads and looking back on pictures, boy did they help make me look super skinny!  I must admit, a fanny pack, what’s up with that and yet when I see them today I think, “Wow, how cute is that?”  I must chuckle a little because with all these fashions coming back there also comes a great deal of warm and fuzzy feelings.  What was the deal in the 80’s?  I think it was all about self-expression, being yourself!  That is no more important than it is today!  We continually hear about accepting others for who they are.  There is no better...

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