Who are you? I mean: Who We Are!

I think you will agree with me that this is a crazy world we live in.  I mean who would have thought that after 30 years of marriage, with more than 20 years of educational/teaching experience I would be opening an on-line boutique with my new daughter-in-law from Romania?  Seriously, could anyone have predicted that?  To be honest, Andy and I always knew our son would marry someone from another country.  He spent more time in other countries in his college days than he did in the USA.  But I digress….

While going through my educational career there always seemed to be “undercurrents”.  While teaching there was parent involvement.  When working in Parent Involvement I enjoyed empowering my colleagues.  But, things happen in your life that change you, your focus and why you do what you do.  In 2011 my mother passed away and that changed who I was into who I am now.  For several years I tried to hang on to my old self, but it just wasn’t possible.  Then in 2016 the world changed and in 2018 my world changed and blessed me with a daughter-in-law.  So, from all of these “changes” Toast and Tassel Boutique was born. 

(Jack and Beary our first emplyees)

You might ask how does the boutique fill my need for helping and empowering others?  There are several ways.  It gives me a platform to reach woman of all ages.  It allows me to give back financially to non-profits through our featured charity items and I can bring fun and affordable fashions to all my “gurls” out there.  So, it works.

BUT, to tell you the truth, my daughter-in-law, Dania is really the master mind behind the scenes.  She has all the skills I don’t have (you know youth of today).  She also has the confidence I sometimes lack (mostly in marketing myself) and she certainly knows fashion.  Our tastes are very different, but if it’s one thing I have learned, it is you are only as old as your mind allows you to be.  So, will you find me in Toast and Tassel items?  You most certainly will. 

(Not a great picture, but what can you do?)

 Believe it or not, we work VERY well together.  She is real, honest and quite frankly; hilarious.  I am so very lucky to have her as my partner.  I learn from her each and every day.  But let’s get real, I am not going to tell her that, no reason to increase her head size.  So, as you explore our site you will get to know us.  You will pick up tidbits in the descriptions of the clothes, through blog posts and pictures.  We hope to build a real and personal relationship with all our customers.  You are now part of the GURL CLUB!!!  Welcome!  You go GURL!!

(Yes, we are all a little cray cray!)